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Plastic Bag Law and Regulation

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  • The Evolution of SF's Plastic Bag Ban
  • Concessions of a Shopaholic: an Analysis of the Movement to Minimize Single-Use Shopping Bags From the Waste Stream and a Proposal for State Implementation in Louisiana (available via Westlaw/Lexis only)

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  • A Sea Change to Change the Sea: Stopping the Spread of the Pacific Garbage Patch with Small-Scale Environmental Legislation (available via Westlaw/Lexis only)

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  • Main Ingredient in “Marine Soup”: Eliminating Plastic Bag Pollution Through Consumer Disincentive

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  • Sacking the Culture of Convenience: Regulating Plastic Shopping Bags to Prevent Further Environmental Harm

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Ocean Debris Regulation (references plastic bags)

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Behavioral Economics

Haoran He Department of Economics, School of Business, Economic and Law, University of Gothenburg

Johane Dikgang, Martine Visser Environment for Development - Discussion Paper Series (March 2010)

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Paul Diller Boston University Law Review (2007)

Johane Dikgang, Martine Visser