A resource for legislative bodies considering laws limiting the use of plastic bags.



why regulate plastic bags?

Plastic bags are harmful to the environment and costly to taxpayers. Regulation minimizes windblown litter, marine impacts, issues with waste management, and more.


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Map of New York State Bag Laws

New York State plastic bag laws can be hard to keep up with. In a collaboration with Korin Tangtrakul, we created this map that gives a snapshot of the current laws in New York State as of January 2019. Download the map here.

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Plastic Bag Laws Summer Recap

Last month we sent an update out to our newsletter subscribers. But we didn’t want the rest of the PBL community to miss out on this recap. If you want to be kept up to day subscribe to our newsletter.

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New York City Residents use and discard about 10 billion plastic bags every year. The city is in serious need of a plastic bag law. We teamed up with Papel & Caneta to create a video about the issue, featuring bodega owners from the 5 NYC boroughs.  Watch and share the #VoteWithYourTote video today, then learn more about how to get involved.

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Jennie Romer is a national expert on carryout bag policy whose expertise is routinely sought by legislators, community groups, and businesses. She currently works as an attorney, policy advisor, and sustainability consultant in NYC. 

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