films & documentaries about plastic bags

films & documentaries about plastic pollution in the ocean

information about harms caused by plastic bags

  • Heal the Bay (Santa Monica, CA) — Heal the Bay has sponsored several California Bills relating to plastic bags, and was instrumental behind many southern California ordinances.
  • Message in the Waves — BBC documentary about how plastics are affecting the people and wildlife of the Hawaiian Islands. Horrific scenes showing Albatross’ ingestion of plastic. This film inspired many towns in the UK to go plastic bag free.
  • California Coastal Commission — Public Education Program – the problem with marine debris.
  • Plastic Pollution Coalition — The goal of Plastic Pollution Coalition is to bring the issue of plastic pollution to the forefront of the global social, scientific, economic, and political discourse. (Notable celebrity supporters & involved in Malibu’s plastic bag ban.)
  • Pick Up America — An interesting blog about picking up disgarded plastic (and reducing plastic use). In support of Maryland’s proposed plastic bag ban, they walked across that state picking up an incessant amount of plastic bags along the way.
  • Ocean Conservancy — A collection of reports from coastal cleanups that document plastic bags as litter on our beaches.

information about plastic pollution in the ocean

  • Algalita Marine Research Foundation (Long Beach, CA) — The experts regarding marine plastic debris and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – examining the scope of plastic contamination and the implications this pollution has on the food chain.
  • The 5 Gyres Institute — A great website about ocean gyres – check out the Global Research page of for a collection of scientific studies and articles.

local ordinances & programs

miscellaneous recycling and waste reduction websites


NYC local groups and programs

  • BagItNYC — Surfrider NYC’s website for New Yorkers that are interested in advocating for the reduction of single-use bag consumption.
  • Citizens Campaign for the Environment — CCE has a great single-use bag reduction legislative campaign focusing on Long Island and Westchester County – just outside NYC.
  • GrowNYC — GrowNYC’s plastic bag campaign focusing on student videos about how plastic bags are affecting our environment
  • Surfrider NYC — Surfrider NYC’s Rise Above Plastics campaign focuses on raising awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution in the marine environment and advocating for a reduction of single-use plastic bags.
  • New York Restoration Project — NYRP’s Bag Snagging Program focuses on removing plastic bags from trees in NYC.

websites and blogs tracking plastic bag laws

  • ChicoBag Action Center – Track the Movement — ChicoBag provides an interactive map to track plastic bag legislation.
  • Bag Monster Blog — Humorous blog that will keep you up to date on the reusable bag movement and related environmental news.
  • Seattle Bag Tax website — Impressive compilation of articles, laws, and studies. Claims to have no connections to the plastic bag industry but opposed the Seattle bag tax and encourages plastic bag recycling as the answer — just like the industry.
  • Retail Bag Report Maps and Related Detailed Lists — This is a GREAT resource! As part of the Retail Bags Report prepared for the Florida Legislature last month, Florida’s Dept. of Envt’l Protection also developed this extensive website listing all plastic bags laws nationally and internationally.
  • Californians Against Waste — Great website to learn about all pending laws in California that affect waste/recycing/the environment. Current focus is on effort to phase out plastic grocery bags.
  • Plastic Bag Ban Report — Another helpful website that tracks plastic bag bans.
  • Factory Direct Promos Map — Factory Direct Promos maintains an interactive map of bag legislation.

websites sponsored by the plastic bag industry/pro-plastic bag:

  • — Sponsored by the plastics industry (American Chemistry Council) and biased toward plastic bag recycling as the answer to the plastic bag problem. The virtues of plastic bag recyling are limited, but the website is useful.
  • American Chemistry Council – Progressive Bag Affilitates (PBA) — Division of the largest plastic bag industry group – contributed at least $729,000 to the campaign against Seattle’s plastic bag tax. Promoting the status quo under the guise of promoting recycling, proper reuse and disposal of plastic bags.
  • — Developed by a plastic bag manufacturer (Hilex Poly Co.) to provide information about bag restricting legislation and (eventually) provide a list of solutions for each legal entry.
  • Film and Bag Federation (FBF) — Trade industry that represents the plastic bag and film industries regionally and nationally, actively promotes industry growth.
  • — Industry-sponsored website that claims that plastic bags are the “eco-friendly bag alternative.”
  • — Sponsored by the American Chemistry Council, includes a tab entitled “Recycling is the Solution.”
  • — Recycling industry blog that (surprise!) supports plastic bag recycling as the ultimate answer. Remember – reduce, reuse, recycle.
  • Save The Plastic Bag Coalition — SPBC is an unincorporated association of plastic bag manufacturers that formed to “respond to environmental misinformation about plastic bags.” SPBC sues and threatens to sue California municipalities that consider adopting plastic bag ordiniances.