Attend the "Day Without a Bag" Summit this Wednesday in Los Angeles (in person or via webinar)

Please join at Heal the Bay's  "Day Without a Bag" Summit this Wednesday. From Heal the Bay's website:

As part of our  Day Without a Bag initiative the Day Without a Bag Summit will instruct municipalities and community leaders on the ins and outs of creating a bag reduction policy.

The Summit will help cities understand the essential elements in moving forward with a bag ban such as addressing legal and economic issues and choosing the right partners. We will also explore lessons learned from the County of Los Angeles and other communities as they share experiences with their bans. Also community activists can learn how to encourage their cities to take steps towards passing a model single use bag ordinance.

The Summit will also be offered via webcast in order to support our state wide partners. To participate in this webcast, you must RSVP by Tuesday December 14th at noon. RSVP / request information online or call 310.451.1500 x116.

The details:

"Day Without a Bag" Summit (sponsored by Heal the Bay)

  • December 15, 2010, 9am-12:30pm
  • County of Los Angeles - Dept. of Public Works Headquarters
  • 900 S. Fremont Avenue, Alhambra, CA 91803
  • RSVP here (in person or via webinar)
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