Automated Phone Calls in SLO From "Doctor" Regarding Public Health Concerns Over Reusable Bags . . . Well, a Doctor of Music That Is

It appears that "Environmental Safety Alliance" should be added to the robust list of plastics industry front groups (with innocuous sounding names) opposing plastic bag reduction ordinances.  If so, the Alliance joins the ranks of groups such as Save the Plastic Bag Coalition, Californians for Extended Producer Responsibility, Center for Consumer Freedom,and Coalition to Support Plastic Bag Recycling. One of the favorite arguments against plastic bag ordinances by these types of groups is that reusable bags are full of bacteria - this argument is discredited here.  Not surprisingly, the American Chemistry Council funded a study about bacteria in bags, which is discussed here.

This weekend, several San Luis Obispo residents received automated phone calls from the Environmental Safety Alliance.  The origins of this Alliance are questionable (funding sources were not disclosed), and particularly questionable given the upcoming final hearing on SLO's ordinance.  Here's an excerpt from a San Luis Obispo Tribune article:

The other person publicly identified with the alliance, who introduced the automated calls by saying “This is Dr. Robert Johnson,” is indeed a doctor — of musical art, not medicine, he told The Tribune.

Johnson said he was “not at liberty to say” who is funding the alliance. He would not divulge how much the alliance spent, how many calls the group made, or who are its members.

For more information on SLO's proposed ordinance, click here.
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