California's Statewide Bag Bill (SB 270) Passes Appropriations Committee and Heads to a Vote on the Assembly Floor

California's statewide bag bill (SB 270) would ban thin plastic carryout bags and mandate that retailers charge at least 10 cents for all other carryout bags.  SB 270 passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee on Thursday.  The bill now heads to the Assembly floor for vote.

The momentum behind this bill is based on years of local grassroots efforts.  SB 270 is supported by a wide variety of environmental and community groups and was crafted by building upon the bill structures refined in the legislative laboratory of 116 local California jurisdictions that are already covered by plastic bag reduction ordinances.

The opposition to this bill is primarily made up of large plastic bag manufacturers and plastics industry lobbyists.  The desperate media campaign by plastic bag industry groups recently went so far include an attack ad video sending in the clowns.

Luckily, the the Appropriations Committee and several prominent media outlets, including the LA Times Editorial Board, have seen through all of this clowning around.  The grassroots groups have won this round of the fight for the first statewide bag bill, but this formidable battle is far from over.

If you live in California, contact your Assembly Member and express your support for SB 270.  Find your Assembly Member's contact info here. Just a quick call to their office can make a difference.


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