Camel: "Albatross of the desert" (new video)

Artist Chris Jordan is well known for his striking photos of dead albatross with stomachs full of plastic in Midway Atoll. This new video from Chris Jordan features a Camel Gastrolith full of plastic bags and these camels are being called the "Albatross of the desert".

This video showcases a Camel Gastrolith full of plastic bags found by Marcus Eriksen, PhD, Research Director at 5 Gyres Institute. Marcus spends a lot of time studying plastics in the ocean but recently concentrated on researching terrestrial effects of plastic bags - and found this 45 pound mass of plastic bags in a camel's stomach in the desert of Dubai. Marcus presented these bags at the Sustainable Packaging Coalition annual conference in early October during a debate with a representative of plastic bag manufacturer Novalex.



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