Don't mess with Texas - vote no on bills that would preempt all local plastic bag ordinances!

There are two bills currently pending in the Texas legislature that would preempt all local plastic bag ordinances in the name of plastic bag recycling.  The bill would require in-store plastic bag recycling bins and mandate the availability of reasonably priced reusable bags at supermarkets.  This type of law sounds innocuous, but laws like these are generally sponsored by the plastics industry with the main intention of suspending all local efforts to reduce plastic bag use.  Luckily, many local environmental organizations are aware of the bills' intentions and are urging lawmakers to remove the local preemption language.  If you live in Texas, please encourage your representatives to vote NO on these bills! More information about these bills:


Read about why plastic bag recycling is NOT the best answer here.

For another example of a similar state law with the goal of local preemption, read about California's SB 915 here.  SB 915 was recently amended to remove preemption language, but we're still keeping an eye on it.