Hilex Poly settles lawsuit against ChicoBag! Hilex Poly agrees to properly cite recycling statistics and prevent windblown plastic bag litter

Earlier this week, Hilex Poly finally settled its lawsuit against ChicoBag.  Congrats to Andy Keller for his relentless determination in defeating this baseless lawsuit! From ChicoBag's press release:

In the agreement, both Hilex Poly and ChicoBag have agreed to provisions including:

  • Both parties will provide citations and dates for all facts and statistics on any web page or advertising, excluding labels and hangtags.
  • Hilex Poly agrees that to the extent permitted by customers and in the normal rotation of plate replacement, it will include a statement on its products: “Tie Bag in Knot Before Disposal”
  • Hilex will include statements on a website that discuss ways to prevent windblown litter.
  • ChicoBag will stop any countdown list for Hilex to dismiss the litigation
  • ChicoBag had already made updates to its website in response to Hilex Poly’s early communications, and will keep these in place. {ChicoBag agrees not to cite any archived EPA websites, link to the full NOAA report if utilized in advertising, will inform visitors to chicobag.com that reusable bags should be washed when dirty and inform visitors to its Learn the Facts Page that plastic retail carryout bags are only a subset of plastic bags in ocean debris reports.}

Click here for court documents.

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