Marin County Postpones Vote on Single-Use Bag Ordinance Until January 25th

The Marin County Board of Supervisors were scheduled to vote today on Marin County's Single-Use Bag Ordinance.  Unfortunately, the Supervisors decided to postpone the vote by three weeks so that County staff can evaluate hundreds of pages of documents filed at the last minute - mostly objections by Save the Plastic Bag Coalition and a law firm representing a plastic bag manufacturer. The general tone of this postponement was that the Supervisors plan to pass the ordinance, but want time to evaluate and address all objections.  This delay is frustrating because it might stifle the momentum regarding passing plastic bag ordinances, but Marin County is very likely to be sued over their ordinance -- so they are smart to be careful.

Details on the January 26th hearing TBA.

For more information on Marin County's ordinance and what it could mean for other jurisdictions, click here.

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