Save the Plastic Bag Coalition Dismisses CEQA Case Against City of Long Beach

On October 11, 2011, the Long Beach City Council adopted a Resolution that does the following:

  • adopts the Los Angeles County EIR without change
  • retracts and cancels any part of Long Beach's Addendum that is inconsistent with the County EIR
  • approves and adopts the threshold significance of greenhouse gases in the County EIR (for purposes of this project only)
  • adopts the County's Statement of Overriding Considerations

In return, SPBC agreed to dismiss the CEQA case that it filed against the City of Long Beach.

The claims underlying this lawsuit were incredibly tenuous, even for SPBC (see this previous blog post for details).  The lesson here seems to be that SPBC would like cities located in Los Angeles County to adopt LA County's ordinance pursuant to LA County's EIR without modification and without any further environmental review. This seems simple enough.  Perhaps someone should ask Mr. Joseph (counsel for SPBC) about it?

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