Telluride (CO) Passes Plastic Bag Ban & 10-cent Fee on Paper Bags; Voter Referendum Threatened

On October 5, 2010, the town of Telluride (CO) passed a plastic carryout bag ban that includes a 10-cent fee on paper carryout bags.  Unfortunately, a voter referendum has been threatened by a "local hot tub maintenance business owner." If the voter referendum goes forward, it would require an expensive special election.

  • Town of Telluride

    • ordinance passed in the Town Council by a 5-2 vote, 10/5/10
      • ban on all plastic carryout bags (including compostable plastic)
      • 10-cent fee on "permitted paper bags"
      • applies to ALL businesses
      • implementation:
        • January 1, 2011 for grocery stores
        • March 1, 2011 for all other businesses
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