DISCLAIMER:  This is NOT intended to be a complete list of bag laws and will not be updated. For a comprehensive list of bag laws in the U.S., we find that Californians Against Waste's List National List is generally well-maintained.  


Local Ordinances

Adopted Ordinances (not active yet)

  • City of Aspen

    • ordinance, adopted 10/11/11
    • ban on plastic carryout bags, 20-cent fee on paper carryout bags
  • Town of Basalt

    • ordinance, adopted 9/27/11
    • 20-cent fee on plastic and paper checkout bags

Adopted Ordinances (active)

  • Town of Telluride

    • ordinance, passed in the Town Council by a 5-2 vote, 10/5/10
      • ban on all plastic carryout bags (including compostable plastic)
      • 10-cent fee on "permitted paper bags"
      • applies to ALL businesses

Ordinances Under Discussion

  • The Roaring Fork Valley

    • The Town of Carbondale is expected to vote on a plastic bag ordinance soon

DISCLAIMER:  This is not a complete list.  plasticbaglaws.org is currently focused on California ordinances and does not have the resources to maintain a complete comprehensive national database   For more comprehensive information on a national scale, we recommend Florida Department of the Environment's Retail Bag Report website and Hilex Poly 's (a plastic bag manufacturer) website.  plasticbaglaws.org is in no way affiliated with these organizations.