Industry-Sponsored Reports

"[T]his case serves as a cautionary example of overreliance on generic studies of 'life cycle' impacts associated with a particular product. Such studies, when properly conducted, may well be a useful guide for the decisionmaker when a project entails substantial production or consumption of the product. When, however, increased use of the product is an indirect and uncertain consequence, and especially when the scale of the project is such that the increase is plainly insignificant, the product “life cycle' must be kept in proper perspective and not allowed to swamp the evaluation of actual impacts attributable to the project at hand." Save the Plastic Bag Coalition v. City of Manhattan Beach (2011)


  • A Qualitative Study of Grocery Bag Use in San Francisco, The ULS Report (2008)
  • Prepared for the Progressive Bag Alliance, The Boustead Report (2007)
  • Environment Group Research Report Proposed Plastic Bag Levy -  Extended Impact Assessment, The Scottish Report (2005)